Hampden Fields
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Aylesbury Vale District Council is currently preparing the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) which will guide future development in the District.

The Buckinghamshire HEDNA (December 2016) identifies a housing requirement of 19,300 new homes for Aylesbury Vale District in the plan period from 2013 to 2033. It is also anticipated that there will be a requirement on AVDC to accommodate un-met need from adjoining local authorities, currently expected to be 1,700 homes from Wycombe District and 5,800 from Chiltern and South Bucks. The total need is therefore anticipated to be in the region of 26,800 new homes.

Hampden Fields will therefore make a major contribution towards meeting the need for housing in the District through the provision of 3,000 new homes. The site is a proposed allocation in the Draft VALP and, crucially, is a central component of the Council’s Aylesbury Garden Town proposals, which was supported by the Government in January 2017.